Event: ¡AI Caramba! – Some thoughts on Artificial Intelligence.

Künstliche Intelligenz – ein großes Schlagwort der Gegenwart. Während einige es als technologischen Meilenstein betrachten, fürchten andere die fortschreitende Übernahme der Menschheit durch Maschinen. Tatsache ist, dass KI ein vielschichtiges Thema ist und sowohl Pro- und Contra-Aspekte bietet. Ein Anlass für einen KI Themenabend!

KI Themenabend der Digital Media Women bei Architrave

Unter dem Titel „!AI Caramba! – Some thoughts on Artificial Intelligence“ luden die Digital Media Women Berlin und Architrave ins Architrave-Büro nach Berlin Treptow. Zwei Expertenvorträge und eine anschließende Paneldiskussion veranschaulichten verschiedene KI-Facetten, sowohl aus technischer als auch aus ethischer Sicht. Fazit: „Garbage in, Garbage out! KI ist kein Selbstläufer, sondern benötigt aufgeräumte Daten und strukturierte Prozesse.“ Das anschließende Get-together bot Gelegenheit zu einem persönlichen Gespräch mit den Referentinnen und zum Networking. Durch den spannenden Abend führte Nadine Bütow.

Leider den Abend verpasst? Hier eine kurze Zusammenfassung der Vorträge:

AI for document classification – A quick dive into the tools of the trade for the automatic classification of documents:

Verba volant, scripta manent. This holds true to this day, but we are all familiar with the rampant increase of volume for data connected to documentation, private and commercial. If not unfeasible yet, it is truly inefficient to humanly classify documents and extract information on routine documentation. Artificial intelligence (AI) can be a great asset for the field, when properly applied. Strengths and drawbacks of AI will were covered in this presentation. The most widely used methods for document classification were reviewed, specifically for text and image documents, together with an excursion into the essential step of data preparation. In order to understand the effectiveness of these method, one learned about the most common evaluation metrics.
(Dr. Giovanna Pedaletti, Data Scientist, Achritrave GmbH)

Ethics and AI – How can we shape a good future with new tech?:

Artificial intelligence has the potential to make our lives better in many ways, be it in industry 4.0, healthcare, mobility or education. One of the downsides is a possible consolidation of discrimination through data bias, since machines are currently learning on the basis of data – which is nothing else than people’s digitalised experiences. This data carries the inequalities of history. If fed into a prediction system, injustice and discrimination against certain social groups will not only continue but be reinforced. To create a good future, we need to take measures to meet those challenges and establish a positive narrative to use the opportunities of AI. This means diversity and a sense for the social context of data among the coders, an informed and attentive society and above all this means bold policy and smart regulation to make sure that our democratic values including the protection of minorities continue to count.
(Dr. Isabella Hermann, Political Scientist, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities)



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